​​Would you be willing to help spread the news about Christopher Comden?  Please fill out the form to the right and tell us in the message box what you would like to receive.  Materials will be provided as they become available.  Funds are needed so please consider making a donation!
If you would prefer to mail in your request you are most welcome to.  Just send us a note with the same information to PO Box 335, Vestaburg, MI 48891.
Phone (Optional)
A yard sign is a great way to get friends, neighbors and even strangers driving by to learn about our campaign.  If you live (or have a business) on a street that has a fair amount of traffic, or even just a little, please consider this option.  Someone will come out and post the sign for you.  After the election someone will come back to collect it.

Recommended donation: $8
Bring your support on the road!  A simple and non-intrusive way to give Christopher Comden name recognition is a bumper sticker on your car.  Driving down the road, in a parking lot, and even in your driveway, the bumper sticker has the potential of being seen by dozens, maybe hundreds every day.

Recommended donation: $3
Face-to-Face contact is always a great way to inform others.  Business cards can be handed to others personally, put on bulletin boards, set on business counters (with permission) or give a bunch to someone else who can hand them out to even more people.

Recommended donation: $3 (pack of 100)