Are you a Republican or a Democr at ?


You say you will listen to the people, but what if we want something that you don't?
Neither. I have been an Independent since I can remember and started with the desire to run without party affiliation. However, I found the US Taxpayers Party and received their nomination. I will be able to represent the people of District 33 without being beholden to the bureaucracy of Republicans or Democrats who have stopped listening to their constituents and simply argue with each other.
Typically, I will vote for what I have been able to discern is the wish of the majority of my constituents even if I disagree with it. The are certain times when my moral standards will not allow me to, though. I believe abortion is wrong and cannot in good conscience vote to make it easier. Hypothetically, if the majority of constituents want this I would vote "present". I won't be voting against the constituents or my moral principles.


What is the first thing you will do when elected?
How you ever been in politics? Why are you running?


No.  I have never been in politics.  I have lived a life of service in other ways, mostly through my work for seventeen years in several organizations affiliated with the Catholic Church.  I, like many people, have become increasingly dissatisfied with how we are being represented in Lansing.  When the legislature voted to raise the gas tax after voters overwhelmingly voted against it I became motivated to look for ways to make politics better in Michigan.  The solution I came up with was to run for office and give the people a different option.
There will be two major goals to accomplish after the election and before taking office.  One will be to create advisory committees from people in the district, not lobbyists, on the major issues.  I want to have a complete understanding of the minutiae of each issue so I can get on to the floor of the senate running.  The second goal will be to have a secure website created for constituents to be able to log in and voice their opinions through surveys and open comments as well as a place for learning about what is going on in the legislature and how it may affect our district.


Do you love or hate Trump?
I have had a few doors close on me because I do not passionately support Trump and a few others because I do not passionately despise him.  It may seem that I am avoiding the question, but I am reserving my opinion on Trump as a president until there has been time to see what the long term effects of his policies will be.  There seem to be a lot of positive short term effects.  I do not care for the way he often presents himself, but I also believe that many in the media have been very unfair to him and his administration.  I would like to see what he can accomplish when the cloud of media bias & Russian hysteria goes away, if it ever does.