Eliminating Burdensome Regulations
There are currently too many regulations in Michigan that are hurting businesses and individuals.  A person can become a teacher in Michigan and teach in most other states with very little effort because the requirements of Michigan are so strict.  Someone who has been a teacher for a decade in another state who moves to Michigan will have to go through more testing and processes to be certified.  They may have been voted the best teacher of the year for five years running in their state and they would still not be eligible to teach in Michigan.  We need to take a serious look at the requirements for teachers and every other regulated profession to determine what is absolutely necessary and what is just cumbersome red tape.  We are losing good people to other states and definitely not attracting people from outside of Michigan because it is simpler easier for them to work somewhere else.

We also need to reduce the costs of permits and other fees associated with being a professional in Michigan.  These fees and the process of renewing permits are often time consuming and expensive with very little or no benefit to citizens.  An example of this is the Substitute Teacher permit.  In addition to paying for a background check a person must also now pay $45 to get a "permit" to be a substitute teacher.  This permitting process did not change any requirements for being a substitute teacher.  School districts have had problems for years getting enough substitute teachers and the State of Michigan just made it harder by finding another profession to make revenue off of.

​There are so many examples of excessive fees and regulations for simply living in Michigan.  Vehicle registrations, driver's license renewals, etc. have all become methods of revenue.  It's time to bring these out into the open and examine what is actually helping the citizens of Michigan and what just needs to be eliminated. 
The Main Issue

A Truly Representative Government

I do believe that eliminating burdensome regulations and reducing fees is important and I want to hear your thoughts.  Use the Contact Christopher page to share your ideas, opinions or even your disagreement with what I propose.​​

The reason I am running for State Senator is because I believe that both the Republican and Democrat parties are failing at listening to their constituents.  They are too focused on keeping or gaining power for their party and not focused enough on going back to the voters that elected them to hear what they think about the issues.  In today's world with modern technology and social media it is not hard for legislators to hear what voters have to say if they are willing to listen.
I am not a person that will go around giving speeches telling you how you should feel about a subject.  I want to go out and hear your opinion, not shape it.  The following issues and the potential solutions I propose are not carved in stone.  I believe we need to be thinking outside the box of what has become the traditional politician's thinking - maintaining the status quo.  I do believe the issues below are important, but I'm sure there are others that are just as important or more important to you.  I want to hear it, use the contact page to let your voice be heard.  It doesn't matter if you're a Republican, a Democrat, one of the minor parties or an Independent, I want to hear your voice.  Your State Senator shouldn't just represent members of a certain party, but every person.  That is how a representative government should work.